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“Above it rise beautiful and imposing peaks—ribbed with stone, embattled with cliff and precipice, laced with falling waters, half veiled by passing mist, but always essentially green. The streams that come from the crags leap down in numerous cascades, and then flow brawling over stony beds, where dainty Wagtails sport on the wet boulders.

It was desirable for my purpose to travel by slow stages across the low country, watching the gradual change in the ‘ productions’ with the rise in altitude. Perhaps it would have been pleasanter to come straight to Belihuloya, and to enjoy for some days the beautiful scenery of this district. But, experience of the tropical plains, not to mention the fatigue of foot-slogging after butterflies during the hottest hours of the day, enables one to appreciate all the better the cool and fresh beauty of the mountains when at last they are reached.”

Ceylon, Past and Present by Colin M. Enriquez


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